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Any teak bench, or without a doubt any other piece of teak furnishings, is a great investment and will look amazing indoors, outdoors, or anywhere some extra seating is needed. Your class 1 hardwood is extremely resilient and long-lasting, while its shade can range from a light hay to richer, deeper colors. That being said, almost anyone you ask think the same thing: Do not paint any teak bench. However, at times if the wood is older, scratched up or provides fallen into disrepair, piece of art is the best and only option kept.

If you do decide to break out the toothbrush, make sure you do it right! A horrible paint job will have timber looking worse than once you started with it. In addition to gift wrapping up the natural grain and also tone of the wood, piece of art teak benches is disheartened because teak is one form of wood that is notoriously hard to paint. That is because the timber produces a natural oil, which usually on the one hand preserves and shields it from splitting, fungus infection and insects, but alternatively makes it hard for fresh paint and stains to stick for the exterior.

If you're starting out using a surface that is already done, clean the wood off making use of mineral spirits to remove virtually any grease, wax or deposits. If, on the other hand, you decide to deprive the wood of it is finish, you will have to clean the timber with acetone to remove the particular teak's natural oils; otherwise primers and paints will not cling correctly. Next, use a scotch-bright pad or light sandpaper to smooth the surface. As soon as the wood is clean and also, apply a primer, just like Zinsser 123.Allow the primer to set, usually for about per day, and then proceed to the fresh paint. Stick with certified outdoor acrylic paints like Sherwin-Williams and also Benjamin Moore for very best results. Semi-gloss or high gloss paints work especially properly to repel dirt. Utilize one even coat to be able to teak benches. Once which includes dried, apply a second level.

Applying less than two layers will result in weaker color, and also depending how much of the next coat is absorbed from the wood, you may be able to get out with a third coat. Although you may follow all of the necessary safety measures, the results of painting any teak bench can be unsatisfying. Because of the high oil articles, the paint you utilize, no matter how conscientiously, could at some point lead to peeling and scarring damage of the wood. Before making a chance of it, it would be wise to check with a specialist at your local furnishings or outdoors store that can best recommend the right goods.

If you are lucky, painting any teak bench can inhale and exhale new life into in any other case old and dilapidated furnishings. There is also the added benefit together with paint of being able to fit furniture pieces to your color scheme. In summary, the question of "to paint or not to paint" depends on your furniture. Fresh teak furniture really should not be decorated. You are already paying a lot more for the specific type of timber, and its grain and shade are two of its major selling points. For new furnishings, simply use a sealant when to twice a year. Due to the natural oils, a teak table will continue to look great itself with little maintenance.


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