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How to choose perfect Security Safe?

There are tons of fireproof safes in the market. But, it is important to be able to find out which type of safe will be suitable for your needs. Follow these simple tips to choose the right one.

                       1) List out your needs: What is that you want to protect? If you are looking for a good safe that will protect your documents, then you can go for a document safe or cabinet. Paper cannot withstand anything above 350 degrees. So, document safes are designed to withstand such temperatures for a particular period of time from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Safes of different sizes, small and big are available for residential and industrial purposes. If you want to protect media files such as CD's, DVDs, hard drive, pen drive and photo negatives, you can go for a media safe. Soft copies such as these cannot resist a temperature more than 125 degrees. Media safes are designed to resist such temperatures for a certain amount of time. Gun safes are designed especially to protect guns, pistols and ammunition. Burglar safes are resistant to burglary as well as fire and water with certain ratings for some time duration. Depending upon the type of possessions, you can choose the suitable safe. Lofdirect offers you one of the best quality and reliable security safes. You can also follow them on twitter and google plus.

2) Check the specification:Fireproof safes are specially designed with specific fire retardant materials. Their body should be made up of thick solid steel which is at least 1 to 1 1/2" in thickness. It must be lined with fire retardant foam or any such sort of insulation to keep the heat from entering the compartment. The door must be made up of solid steel with the same thickness as that of the body. The locks must be rated and contain combination locks with re locking system. Wanted to know more about there types and differences? There is an article which I read past week which gives you every detail regarding security safes.

3) Look for the mount: Mounting safe in floor is better then mounting on wall. It is much safer then mounting on wall. When there is a burglary, it is very difficult to find floor safe, event it is in front of your eyes. It is also very difficult to detect it from floor. Here you’ll find one of the strongest safes in the world.

4) Check for the rating: All genuine rated safes contain the UL rating. This UL ratting is a sign that our safe is secure and build with right material. The Underwriters Laboratories conduct various quality tests on the safes to ensure that they are valid to be supplied. The safes are placed in a high temperature to ensure that they are heat resistant. They are test in water for a particular time to see that is water or moisture effecting its quality. A safe that lacks this rating is definitely a fake and its is made of bad material and not suitable for yourself.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Don’t forget to like comment and subscribe. You can also follow me on  twitter and google plus.


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